Applicant Resources

Last updated: January 31, 2024

2024 Award Recipient List

The Award Recipient List enables users to download all HIRE Vets Medallion Award recipients. The interactive map search and table allows users to filter by criteria such as location, employer name, and award type.

Recipient Toolkit

As a HIRE Vets Award recipient, the Recipient Toolkit provides Toolkits, Marketing Materials, Factsheets, Hiring Resources, and Graphics for use on your website and communications!

Award Download Guide

As a HIRE Vets Award recipient, the Award Download Guide provides the steps on how to download the medallions for use on your website, marketing materials, emails, and more from your user account.

URL Update Guide

One of the benefits of your HireVets Award is being featured on the awardees website page through the interactive map so veterans and transitoning service members can view HIRE Vets Medallion Award recipients and view their websites. The URL Update Guide provides the steps on how to input and update your company URL to be displayed on the interactive map.

User Account Update Form

Every employer should only have one user account. When your account holder will be changing, email us are and use this form to request an update and retain access to the account.

Application How To Guide

(Coming Soon) 

Sample Application Forms 

The Small Platinum, Medium Platinum, Large Platinum, Small Gold, Medium Gold, and Large Gold sample application forms we provide can assist you in preparing for your electronic application. The instructions and definitions are key in completing a successful application.

Application Payment Guide

The Submit Payment portion of the application process will allow you to pay directly via, or, to forward the payment link to another person to make the payment. This guide will help you with that process.

Return for Revision Guide

If an application needs clarification, it will be returned for revision. This guide providers detailed informaton meant to assist you with that process.

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