Examples of Excellence for Integration Assistance Criteria

Last updated: April 22, 2020

Veteran Organization or Resource Group

Our veteran employee resource group is a fully staffed and running organization that assists veterans and spouses with onboarding/integration, mentorship, career development, outreach, community support and recruiting. When it comes to onboarding, we have a detailed program that lays out what occurs within the first 30, 60 and 90 days. After 90 days, new hires are encouraged to join the group. The group provides a road map of success that is agreed to by the new hire and the first line supervisor. We have touch points in place to check the progress of our new hires and ensure they are set up for success.


XXXX provides a separate new veteran employee resource group organized by the Directors of HR and Marketing, and led by the COO, a veteran, to integrate newly separated veterans into private sector federal consulting positions. New employee/veterans are automatically added to this group and paired with a seasoned employee/veteran to help them integrate into their new position. In addition to the pairing opportunity, members also collaborate with each other within this group to share experience and knowledge, both via a dedicated online collaboration portal as well as in-person get togethers and group meetings.


Leadership Program

Our company’s Veteran Leadership Program enhances the leadership skills of veteran employees by pairing veterans with a company executive whose role and responsibilities correspond to the leadership experience of the veteran. Veterans are identified early in their employment and are integrated into leadership roles by an assigned company executive whom the veteran shadows while they perform their daily responsibilities. The veteran participates in feedback sessions and discussions with the executive during this phase of their mentorship. As the corporate leadership experience of our company’s veterans increases they are paired with a company leader whose role and responsibilities correspond to the veteran’s next logical leadership position. This professional development plan continues throughout the veteran’s employment with our company and is monitored by the company’s human resources office.


XXXX's veteran leadership program is a continuation of the non-commissioned officer leadership model. With ongoing education using outside training programs associated with the local universities and the Small Business Administration, XXXX places veterans in leadership positions with duties and responsibilities to develop their business skills. The XXXX leadership development program is tied back to the military core values of Integrity, Commitment, and Excellence. For example, our ongoing “Business Book” reading program, and regular feedback and review meetings help our veterans develop the business skills they need to compete successfully in the 21st century. Continuing education programs focused on business skills occur quarterly, from seminars to online education. Leadership learning and development is ongoing at XXXX. We build on the core skills and leadership our veterans learned in the military, and layer on skills to make the transition to the business world.


XXXX is committed to world-class leadership excellence. For rising leaders, the firm currently has implemented a “Managerhood” Training Program. This program has two primary goals: 1.) to grow internal resources who start with the firm as Analysts or Associates into effective and high-performing Managers; 2.) to satisfy the expectation of internal personnel for the opportunity to continue to develop and grow effectively within the firm and progress to be effective managers. Managerhood training helps participants develop skills around problem solving, project management, communication, client relationship building, subject matter expertise, team management, selling, and coaching/mentoring. Launching in 2018, the firm has developed a Leadership Development Program designed for XXXX leaders who aspire to master the art of leadership. The program content is rooted in the principles of emotional intelligence and is open for all employees (veterans and non-veterans).


Dedicated Human Resources Professional(s)

(Large Employer Platinum Award only)

Responsibility for veteran hiring is shared across the entire recruiting team at our organization. Two recruiters and two leaders (two full-time equivalent) are responsible for veteran recruitment. Our human resources director for training and talent management oversees a team of eight people (two full-time equivalent) who share responsibility for development (training) and mentoring (retention) of veteran employees. Additionally, one director-level employee, the president of the employee resource group, and several contractors (four full-time equivalent) work on veteran/military engagement, morale, and retention activities throughout the year.


Human Resources Veterans' Initiative

(Medium and Small Employer Platinum Awards only)

The HR department has supported veterans in many ways. First, we have outreach with the American Job Center and made a hire through them this calendar year. Through this partnership with the local workforce center, our recruiters work with veteran employment specialists to actively recruit veteran job seekers and participate in community veteran networking events. Second, we provide additional training through our company at no cost to the employees. It is based on their job and is available to them either at the work-site or after hours and is paid. Third, in order to retain our veteran employees, we ensure that every client is flexible with work schedules to accommodate appointments. We have accommodations in place for service animals and employees with PTSD, hearing impairments, vision impairments and ensure facilities are accessible to those with physical limitations.


Pay Differential

This company is committed to complying with all aspects of the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act. For military leave less than one work week, employee will continue to receive full pay. For military leave exceeding one work week, the company will pay the difference between the employee’s military pay and the employee’s company salary for as long as the employee is on active duty.


We keep employees informed of promotional job opportunities during their deployment. We assist deployed employees with the application process for promotional opportunities. We freeze openings allowing those deployed the opportunity to interview and will delay their start until the employee returns. We takes steps to ensure employees are kept whole during their deployment with respect to pay and benefits.


XXXX hirees payscale is based on Military time in Service, Rank and CBT scores for Job position responsibility. Each hiree will receive a daily work per diem also. Employees will receive assistance with financial management. All Active-Duty XXXX hirees will receive compensated "Balance Pay" if their military active duty pay (guard and reservist payroll) is not equal to their XXXX civilian pay.


Tuition Assistance Program

Our organization has a tuition reimbursement program that will reimburse up to $5,500 per calendar year for all employees who seek to continue their education. We support continuing education with bachelor’s or post graduate degrees. We have also widened the parameters of the program to allow for technical training to be reimbursed to assist with enhancing job skills and knowledge.


XXXX supports the efforts of all associates to improve their skill and continue their education. In order for XXXX to assist associates who choose to pursue their education or skill set, we provide an Educational Reimbursement Program that covers Professional Development degrees and Continuing Education Courses. Any associate may request XXXX reimburse expenses related to the procurement of an advanced degree. Awards are based on merits and availability of funds in the educational assistance budget. Annual Maximum reimbursement per associate, per year is $5,000 (up to a maximum of $20,000).


At XXXX, veterans are eligible for the Tuition Reimbursement Program which supports employee education and development by reimbursing employees for tuition and text book expenses incurred in pursuit of a degree or upon completing relevant coursework offered through accredited institutions. Employees will be reimbursed eighty percent (80%) of tuition to a maximum of $5,250 per calendar year when a course is successfully completed. The remaining 20% of tuition may be reimbursed upon achievement of a pre-approved degree if the annual maximum reimbursement of $5,250 has not already been reached.